The Great Christmas Dispensation.

December 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

Welcome to the blessed season of the universal excuse:

“I won’t be able to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________ because it’s Christmas.”

We fabricate and tender excuses all year long. I won’t be able to _________ because I am getting married.

I have the flu.

My car broke down.

My kid is sick.

Even when our excuse is legitimate, we feel as if we are shirking, because all around us the hum of busy people doing busy things reminds us that we are not keeping up!

Except at Christmas.

If we can resist the urge to wrap everything in sight in shiny paper, resist the premise that love requires lavish gift giving.  If we can recognize the act of kindness on the part of the calendar and a long ago birth, we can, all of us together…

take a deep breath…

and look around as if we have just awakened from a relentless, whirring dream.

Because we have.

Christmas is the excuse we don’t even have to make. It comes every year; inviting us to set down the burdens of routine, the turning in of work done for a paycheck. For this stretch of days from Christmas Eve until the second day of a brand new year we are absolved of the obligation to report in to life-as-usual.

Like a papal blessing bestowed on any and all who gather in St. Peter’s Square, like the snowfall that gives school kids a day off, like Monopoly’s Get Out Of Jail Free card, the Christmas season is a gift to all, one we can only receive if we stop, and notice, and draw that long deep breath.

Merry Christmas friends.

Note: Here is a post from an earlier Christmas. I see that I am big on asking you all to take a deep breath–and that the closing line is the same. 

And here’s one from a bygone New Year, just in case this one gets past me.

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