About my blog.

I write fiction, an art which involves imbuing each moment of my narrative with meaning and significance.

I never get it right on the first draft.

But as a writer, I can make time spool and unspool, rewriting until each scene arrests the reader, replacing the chatter of daily life with a far better story.

Real life rarely gets this kind of attention.  For better or worse all of life is first-draft. It often feels more hurried than meaningful, a to-do list never accomplished.

But there are moments…

Remember dancing with your boyfriend in the gym, eyes closed?

Remember holding your new baby for the first time, or the way the sky looked just this morning?

It’s those slow-dance moments that make life more than an accumulation of days or tasks crossed off a list.  Even the ordinary contains the extraordinary if we pay attention.

I want to slow down.

 Look around.
I want to write about life as if it were as significant as fiction, share thoughts I’ve had on this long, interesting journey.
 I hope you will add your comments and stories to mine. I’d appreciate the company.



§ 10 Responses to About my blog.

  • craig reeder says:

    your blog is anchored on a beautiful metaphor. you may die poor, but you will have added riches to the human experience.


  • Sheila Merlau says:

    May all the cookie bakers and bathing beauties be touched by your words of grace as you “schlep” to them in their odor filled schools. I wish I had experienced someone like you in my youth, but I’m thankful for you now.


  • laura says:

    I’m relaxed,just reading your intro………….


  • Richard D. says:

    I like the way your mind works, Adrian. I like the way you take the world in your hand. Slow dancing reaches the end of the song just like jitterbug, only with more ease.


  • anna says:

    adrian … i found you on leslee’s “waiting for the click” blog … you have such a unique introspective gift for expressing life in its simple purity … you cut to the chase and get to the underlying essence which is too often missed …i so appreciate your creative insight …

    it’s like peering through veils and becoming aware of heaven here and now …

    wishing you the best … write on!
    i will stay tuned in to your work …


    • Thanks so much Anna, and I am sorry that it took me a while to respond. For some reason WordPress put you in the spam filter. I am so glad I stumbled across your note. Life I kind of get. Technology is another story.


      • Carl Fogelin says:

        We all know, Amy, who you go to for technology help… 🙂 I too enjoy your blog. It reminds me of the past, of growing up, a closely knit family in the truest sense. Family vacations, long talks in the kitchen, singing in the living room, me being banished to my room “with the door closed” while I practiced my saxophone, you on the phone all night, the British invasion, Dad’s “baby, baby” light mocking of modern music driving us up a wall… all fond memories. We’re still close, but it’s different now. We each have our own separate lives now, though we gather when we can, and continue to make new memories.

        Your Bro, Chris


  • I just wish we could gather more often. How about if you move down here? Seriously. I wouldn’t even mind if you took up the sax again.

    And thanks as always for the technology help (usually preceded by a bemused sigh like, how can you not get this stuff?).

    All I can say is, remember me and math? Same difference.

    ya sustuh


  • Josie says:

    Love those photos of that boy of mine! Oh, and your writing is pretty great, too!


  • james victor jordan says:

    Beautiful writing. Thanks


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