What you wish for.

December 2, 2017 § 4 Comments

Be careful what you wish for is the familiar saying.

It is a pessimist’s warning, delivered with a frown.

Getting what you wish for is sure to disappoint!

Or bite you on the butt.

You’re better off with the known, the as-is, the just-okay.

But that doesn’t stop us from wishing for the long shot, the impossible, the rainbow. It is why we buy a lottery ticket.

We spend hours imagining what isn’t, and often what can never be.

But why?

Perhaps we are testing the boundary between the possible and the impossible. Maybe that line is chalk, and maybe it can be scuffed out with the sole of a sneaker, a new one drawn in. Who knows?

Perhaps we are bargaining with the unknown. How different is a wish from a prayer? Both put our dreams out there for the universe to consider.

Perhaps we are just entertaining ourselves.

Perhaps through our wishes we live multiple secret lives. We are all, to some extent, Walter Mitty.

Perhaps a wish is the pair of wings we strap on to lift us above hard times, or the parachute that provides a soft landing.

Perhaps a wish is step one; with effort a wish can roll up its sleeves and become a plan.

But most wishes are not that practical.

Most wishes are balloons.

They bobble along, floating above us until we let go of the string.

Heads tipped back we watch them rise, bright against the distant sky.

Then, with hope and abandon, we wish again.

We are never careful what we wish for.

And that is as it should be.

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