September 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ll start this blog about LIFE with something that happens every Sunday around here: cupcakes.  Sunday cupcakes are part of my justification for owning two houses, ours and what used to be my Dad’s.  These modest homes would be Baltic and Mediterranean Ave. on the Monopoly board—the two cheapest properties.  Still, two houses?  But when my dad died I didn’t have the heart to sell his place.  I needed to be able to walk into his old house and say “Good morning, Dad!”   « Read the rest of this entry »

The Front Porch Library

September 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is a deceptive view of a corner of the library.

You can see one of the two rockers that are big enough for an adult reader and a child to share, and the wooden book case that holds series books like “Captain Underpants” and “Junie B. Jones,” and a milk carton of picture books, and the dust jacket from “”The Monster Who Ate My Peas” taped up like a poster, and the sunlight coming through the porch screen.

What is missing is the blur of kids and the hubbub that surrounds them.

That will arrive at four this afternoon.

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