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March 29, 2014 § 12 Comments

My friend, Craig, asserts that once a technology becomes affordable and available there is no stopping it; it will be adopted and become the new normal.

I argue that he is wrong, that we have the ability to analyze and choose. But I am probably the one who is wrong, at least in terms of outcomes.

Henry Ford With 1921 Model TThe folks who yelled, “Get a horse!’ at the owner of the Model T that sat smoking by the roadside, ended up with a Model T of their own—or a Model A if they were slow-adopters.

For good and bad Mr. Ford’s affordable and widely available invention left a world that traveled on two or four feet in the dust.

We rarely question the wisdom of powering up three thousand pounds of car to carry a couple hundred pounds of human to the store to buy a dozen eggs.

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