The Never-Ending Adventures of God Part 6: The Plague of 2020

April 12, 2020 § 3 Comments

God sat slumped, his hands on his knees.

When he had unbottled the primal soup that got the whole universe-time-life thing going he had unleashed a festival of possible outcomes, but perhaps he had added too much of that one ingredient, change.

Or perhaps the element, striving, which was shared by all things lit with the spark of life, was too strong.

Or it could be that he had stirred in too little of that moderating element, balance…

But for whatever reason, once in a while one of the competitors in the panoply of living species went rogue. It out-competed and overwhelmed the others.

There was that time with the locusts, a rustling conflagration that blackened the sky…

Prior to the current Corona virus plague, the species now under attack, the one self-named Homo sapiens, had mounted a plague of its own, one that made locusts look like pikers.

Homo sapiens were indiscriminate when it came to who they plagued: elephants, trees, fish, water, air, and earth.

But now, they were the ones in trouble. The ones snuck up on, and they were scared.

God sighed. He had a soft-spot for Homo sapiens, although their gathered praise embarrassed him (even if he did enjoy the singing). He poured succor down when they suffered, but did not give them what they asked for, which was a fix, a miracle. As much as they begged and flattered, he didn’t change the what-is he had created. It didn’t work that way.

If only they could see existence as so much more vast than what they were experiencing on the pinpoint of time. If only they put their faith in the eternal what-is. Then they would know that everything was, is, and always will be, okay.

But in this moment they are panicked. He’d seen this behavior before, this retreat into superstition; hadn’t he given them minds, curiosity, and reason?

Yes, he had. He’d equipped them with a tool kit to fix just about anything.

Now, all he could do was sit and watch, rooting for the ones with test tubes, charts, determination, and focus, pouring encouragement down on those who were throwing their own lives in the path of the deadly virus, and mourn those who behaved as mindlessly as the virus that was plaguing them.

“Come on, Homo sapiens,” he whispered. “Open the tool kit I gave you. Come on, Homo sapiens. Live up to the name you’ve given yourselves!”

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