The weight we carry.

September 1, 2019 § 3 Comments

Does time have weight?

Do we store it in our bones,

or carry it, unwieldy,

in our arms?


Is it the accumulated

weight of time that

wears us out,

makes us old?


I wonder…

can we set that burden down,

travel light again like

a child who lives

in the splendor of right now?


Can that newness be

snuck up on and captured

like a firefly

in a jar?

Note: I know the photo is faked. I spent enough summer nights with a jar of fireflies beside my bed to know that in captivity they rarely spark. Some things cannot be captured and held, like the wink of a firefly or the easy comfort of life in a body during its early years.

We cannot snatch either out of the thin air and keep it as if it were our own. But we can imagine. We can remember.  

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§ 3 Responses to The weight we carry.

  • scorpions11 says:

    What a wonderful little poem! Poems are like breathing in these thoughts from the atmosphere. I marvel at what it is that we know in this shared breathing, this pulling in of the dancing molecules that cling to our planet. It is the same thoughts I wrote about recently in my blog, just breathed by another body with a different taste, a different smell. Thank you for this delight.


    • What a lovely comment! Yes, poems are as natural as breathing. The stories we tell–the long stories, like novels–are the record of the particulars of a life. Poems float much more lightly in the atmosphere.


  • It is a lift to spend my time with your timeless poem Adrian.
    Would love to see more & more.


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