Vacation, with dogs.

August 26, 2016 § 2 Comments

IMG_0503_edited-2At home, dogs are human.

They just happen to walk on all fours.

And wag.


Dogs are confused by elsewhere—it brings out the dog in them.

They have not learned the “nos” of a new place and they are not great at extrapolating the “nos” of home to, say, a rental on Cape Cod.

Chewing not allowed at home could be all right in this new place.

Busting out the screen door between now and checkout?

Possibly okay. Worth a try.

Or several tries.

Now multiply the dog-in-rental by two.

Thrown together for the first time, Rudy and Malia. revert to doggish rough-housing, completely forgetting their human manners.

They chew.

They dig.

Malia humps Rudy, which is backwards, although both are fixed, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

IMG_0519It could be about dominance.

Biology isn’t as simple as it seems.

Maybe if we stake them out…



That just brings out their latent knot-tying abilities.

Still tethered, Rudy disappears into the weeds and wraps his lead around something.

Malia follows. What choice does she have? Their leads are tangled.



And now the kids are getting up.

They aren’t great in a vacation setting either. They think that all the rules of nutrition have been suspended and that cookies are now one of the major food groups.

They sunburn easily and dip dead things up with their nets.

And we can’t even tether them.

The good thing is, they don’t dig holes under the porch.

I wish I could say the same of dogs.


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