July 18, 2016 § 4 Comments

IMG_0850It’s not that I am ready to die.

Or even to be old.

But I accept that there is a certain fairness to both these outcomes.

I have had a wealth of days, and far more than my share of kindness and lucky breaks.

As a kid I had the luxury of believing all families were loving and durable and did their darndest to protect, teach, and give a child an advantageous start.

IMG_0002Although none are commercial-grade (as in, big-bucks-in-the-bank) I was given a sheaf of creative talents that have kept my paper-boat personal economy afloat, and made me glad to be alive.

I have sung at the top of my lungs.

Lived with a good man named Ray for almost all my years.

Enjoyed the company of great dogs and neighbors.

Raised a brag-worthy daughter–not to mention some fine tomatoes.

Written a few books and seen Venice at sunset.

Day after day, I’ve been loved, respected, and included, and now those days have drifted deep.

It is not that I am ready to die.

IMG_6581Or even to be old.

But when things go suddenly south, or just follow the quiet, inevitable path to the end, I will not feel cheated.

Just grateful.

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