Italy is.

May 15, 2016 § 1 Comment


Italy is

this moment’s sky,

framed by

Palladio’s eternal column.

The immovable past

partnered with the





Italy is a beautiful arrangement of


seasonal fruit,

tortes, gelati, masks, hats,

behind a polished

pane of glass.


Italy is voices pitched high and bright.

A staccato sing-song, loud and ebullient.

Raised eyebrows.

A shrug.

Hands thrown wide in amazement.

An arm slung around the shoulders

of a walking companion.

A cyclist’s loud “Permesso!”to pedestrians

who share the narrow

Via San Bastiano.


Italy is an ornate pattern of

light and shadow,

drawn on the worn stone threshold of

The Villa Valmarana ai Nani,

a wrought iron lace gate

that guards the frescoes of

Gianbattista Tiepolo.



Italy is ambitious plants

growing vertical from the cracks

in an ancient wall.

Mortar crumbling in the hand of time.

Cobblestones polished by

countless errands and the

nightly parade of the



Italy is a web of shared spaces,

a bustle and chatter flowing freely.

A whir, a hum, a clangor of church bells, a chat of birdsong,

a man impersonating a statue of Charlie Chaplin,

his stillness absolute.

Until the children get close.

Then he winks.

And they scream.

Then laugh.

And flurry on.




Italy is a collective vibrance.

Public life and private interwoven;

warp and weft.

Italy is a belief that life is a pleasure to be tasted,

savored and shared,

right now.



IMG_9922_edited-2Note: My sister took my brother and me to Italy for twelve days. We are half Italian thanks to our mother. For those twelve days we were all Italian.

It was impossible not to fall in love with a place so beautiful, so rich in art and history and kindness.

As we said as we made our way to Malpensa Airport in Milan, “Ciao Bella!” 

Claudia. thanks for the sibling get-away. It was the best. 

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