Dreams are.

March 26, 2016 § 1 Comment

photos from CCC computer 928

Dreams are

the mind cleaning house,

dragging clutter to the curb,

clearing the shelves

of a new day.


Dreams are

desires unacknowledged,

snagged as we troll the

dark depths of

the unconscious.


Dreams are

losses ungrieved,

memories buried deep that

revisit when we cannot

fend them off.


Dreams are

glossy soap bubbles,

all surface, rainbow, and air.


then gone.


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March 12, 2016 § 2 Comments

64 Crayola box.

This is what we have at our disposal when we engage in a real-world conversation.

The deluxe box of sixty-four colors.

The basics are there: red, yellow, blue. But so are the nuanced in-betweens.

The basic colors are the words we speak.

The in-betweens used to shade the spoken words include body language, gesture, tone of voice, hesitations, setting, context.

8 pack crayons.Here is the palette of a virtual conversation; the basic eight, clear and bright and deceptively simple.

We have words, just words with an occasional cartoon bubble parodying a facial expression.

Want to see the eight crayon version of real life?

Meet Mr. Oblivious.


You know the guy, the one who stands too close, over-shares, won’t shut up.

He makes you uncomfortable and you tell him so–but not in so many words. Can’t this guy read body language?

You retreat. He follows, blistering you with a litany of things you don’t give a flip about, like what he ate for breakfast, complete with photos, like you’ve never seen French toast. How did he miss the eye roll?

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