The bulge.

February 17, 2016 § 7 Comments

Live to Learn and Learn to Live.

Live to Learn and Learn to Live.

Perhaps we, the Boomers are finally coming into our own.

We are not The Greatest Generation.

We never had their terrible opportunity to fight on the right side of history.

But that hard-won victory is where we began.

We are our parents’ response to the end of that good war, a loud shout proclaiming, “Happy days are here again!”

Growing up we enjoyed bland but safe suburbs, summer camps, relatively stable families.

We lived the glory years of the middle class and assumed upward mobility was guaranteed. Work hard and you’ll get somewhere!

Then the world went gray.


We were dealt a war that was shameful and senseless.  Raised with security and privilege, we cried foul. We protested. Demanded. Rebelled.

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The United Nations of you.

February 6, 2016 § 5 Comments

UN Flags

Ever notice you are more a confederacy than a single entity, a collection of divergent needs, ideas, and desires forced to collaborate due to proximity?

Example: It is a cold winter day. You don’t have gloves and you are holding a leash in one bare hand, the other is in your pocket. The hand in the pocket is comfortable, sleepy. It doesn’t want to trade places with the hand that is out in the cold.

Your brain has to mediate. Listen Lefty be fair. Righty’s freezing his knuckles off. Lefty doesn’t respond to reason, but eventually the brain issues an executive order. Lefty, get out of that pocket, now! Reluctantly, Lefty vacates and takes the leash.

The reports from your body are a chorus of individual voices.

Hey, this is your knee down here–the bad one, remember? Five miles? You gotta be kidding me.

The breeze the breeze! What a glorious day to be a face in the sun. Suck it up knee.

Then there are the constant disputes between body and brain. Body: I just want to sit in this chair and eat ice cream. Brain: Get out of that chair butter butt. We’re going for a run.

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