October 24, 2015 § 4 Comments



Bony Bob got da boogety blues

so he lace up his boogety shoes.

Start to dance when he hear that beat

tappin’ and flappin’ his bony feet.

As he jive and as he rock

tarsals rattle inside his sock.

Toe bone disconnected from the foot bone…

Foot bone disconnected from the ankle bone…


The ghostly band they wail that tune.

Werewolf choir howl at the moon.

Banshees let out a tuneful roar.

Bony Bob clatters like a silverware drawer.

Tibias tremble, fibulas sway

patellas pop every which-a-way.

Shin bone disconnected from the knee bone…

Knee bone disconnected from the thigh bone…


Bony Bob gyrates his hips

he sing along without no lips.

Vertebrae sitting one atop another

say goodbye to each nearby brother.

Arm bones flutter like sheets in a gale

carpals clatter-scatter, fall like hail.

Hip bone disconnected from the back bone…

Backbone disconnected from the arm bone…


Neck it swivel and rotate

swingin’ round that bony pate.

Chin bone it unhinge and drop.

But still that bone man jitter-bop.

Til every bone it come undone

and lie in a heap

neath the rising sun.

Neck bone’s disconnected from the back bone…

Back bone’s disconnected from the head bone…


Daylight find nothing but a bony pile

but I swear them teeth

wear a bony smile.

Skeleton wall paper.

Happy Halloween Everybody

Bop until you

come unhinged!

Note: Halloween must bring out my inner poet. Here is last year’s Halloween poem. 

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