Now, then, and soon.

August 16, 2015 § 5 Comments





Time ticks.

A steel wheel against a metal track.

Now plunges

then levels.





Time clicks,

a home movie traveling reel to reel,

each frame a snapshot

added to the archive of


or tossed to the wind

like yesterday’s paper

to blow unnoticed

along the curb.





Time whirs.

The engine of tomorrow

at work

creating a future

alight with promise.

We lean toward the

glimmer on the horizon

missing the view available only

at this bend in the track.


We live in then, and soon:

the safely-was

and the promised-will-be.

Too ordinary, too available, too scary,

we squander the now.

To manage fear and boredom

we cut it into tiny

to-do fragments.

Toss it like confetti.

IMG_3173But once in a while we are

caught by the angle of light

the warm weight of the baby in our arms,

the smell of dinner on the stove;

arrested by the moment.


Perhaps it is good that our

time here is finite.

Even with that knowledge,

we forget this moment is all we have,

forget that our natural state

is one of



 Note: Slow Dance is taking a vacation so that I can experience the now of my daughter’s wedding and collecting bugs with my grandson. I’ll be back when September 12th becomes now.

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§ 5 Responses to Now, then, and soon.

  • KM Huber says:

    And today in our posts, we mirror the now and the wonder of it, once again. How fitting as you head north as I hold down the south, thinking of the time that we will, once again, mirror one another in posts and in friendship. Have a great time!



  • Craig reeder says:

    boy, you sure got me pegged…….. Cutting my time into tiny “to-do” fragments! Makes me worry that when my time comes, I’ll suddenly think “ooops! I missed it!” Thanks for another poetic reality check….right on the nose!


  • Paul of Flowerland Mountains says:

    Funny, I am so far in the past it is just “now” that I am reading your post — and you have been back over two weeks “now”….
    … but your writing is so classic, that even though it was “then” that it came through you,
    I admire it greatly now,
    and it inspires me to look forward to “then”….


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