Does God get tired…

June 20, 2015 § 8 Comments

Sunset in Apalachicola.

Of our whining, hey, thanks for the great gift, but why the limited warranty?

Of our Monday gossip, Tuesday self-indulgence, Wednesday superiority, Thursday anger, Friday avarice, Saturday  bigotry, Sunday righteousness?

Of our claims that we know his mind because we’ve read the Book.

IMG_1898_edited-1Of our blind loyalty to the merely symbolic that overlooks the real-world joy and suffering enacted in front of us every day.

Of the spitball requests we launch at him for everything from, please make death go away, to help me find my keys.

Of our failure to look up and see the sunset he has just made.

Of how we turn his love of variety—he made us in all shades, shapes and sizes—into a yardstick to measure worth.

Of our inflated selves, each as big and cumbersome as a parade balloon.

Of how we view the rest of creation as something to use up, consume, spit out, waste, extinguish.

Of our love of hierarchy and pyramid building, with ourselves always perched at the top.

Of our failure to appreciate that, if each of us is no more than a momentary glimmer, that is glory enough.

Does God get tired?

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§ 8 Responses to Does God get tired…

  • ammaponders says:

    I think God must just shake his/her head a lot. And only half-listens like parents do with kids. And still loves us anyway.


  • craig reeder says:

    you have probably already hit upon this point in your series about the ‘never-ending adventures of god’, but how about god getting tired of the hubris we exhibit claiming to be made in his image? that would piss me off…..


  • Sue Cronkite says:

    Another great one, Adrian. I’m sure he gets tired of all of that in me, every day. But, He loves me anyway. I keep hacking away at getting better.


  • KM Huber says:

    I, too, like Robin’s idea of God half-listening, knowing which words are beacons, that is solid signals. That said, I suspect all the other beings that share our dimension are circumspect in their signals and thus, more trustworthy. Yet, God being God filters all with at least a heavy sigh it would seem. And that, is its own kind of weariness. Great post, Adrian!


  • Paul of Flowerland Mountains says:

    Ms Adrian and all you other souls:
    I like Sue’s idea of God having a sense of humor,
    and part of love (post-conditional) is having fun anyway;
    so how fun we must be having in getting thru our dramas to experience the joys,
    of moving thru our tragedies to the sense of hope,
    and of feeling the foundations of belief to the experience of faith and the awareness of all the degrees (and there are many!) of enlightenment.
    … but we still need parties (fun ones!), we still need to chop wood and carry water, cut grass, and to rest after our daily bread has been consumed and used as best we can be in alignment with the will of the creator. (at least as much as as my finite awareness understands, right now…)
    Good topic!


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