Beauty lasts.

May 30, 2015 § 3 Comments

Sandcastle, Fernandina Beach.

Beauty lasts

until the tide lets out its breath.

But still we build the castle.

Bouquet picked in Magnolia Cemetery, Apalachicola.

Knowing it will whither

we pick the bouquet

of roadside flowers

and put it in a jelly jar

beside the bed.

Apalachicola view.

We arrest the sunset,

the colors fading

as the shutter clicks.

My old Guild guitar.

Some beauty,

like the majestic mountain,

weathers slowly.

Some is as ephemeral

as the throaty voice

of an old guitar.

Josie and Matthew in a bumper car.

Each of us has a beauty that

peaks and fades

like the roadside flower,

the elaborate sand castle,

the dying sunset.

But in any moment

beauty is there.


And if we are generous

we acknowledge that it persists

in the withered flower,

the dusty twilight,

the sand swept clean,

the worn pair of hands

no longer smooth with youth

but folded now,


at rest.

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§ 3 Responses to Beauty lasts.

  • Sue Cronkite says:

    This was beautiful Adrian.
    And so hauntingly true.


  • Paul of Flowerland Mountains says:

    Recently I just finished a solo instrumental in front of a listening audience which was pretty beautiful (the music and the listeners making it all together a moment of timelessness:
    Then a lot of people hugged me afterwards,
    more ephemeral beauty,
    and one lady looked into my eyes and I was stuck speechless by truth and beauty mixed together:
    Sure, the glasses of my awareness may have been especially rosy, but it was not an experience I was looking for or even expecting.
    The time and opportunity and interacting seems to be an important part of the experience of beauty.. it is not a static state, but alive.


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