Perhaps memory…

April 27, 2015 § 4 Comments

Long Island Summer.

Perhaps memory is a string of beads

we add to day by day.

My brother has that kind of memory.

Thorough, sequential, detailed.


Perhaps memory is an old home movie

Clicking through a projector,

the color shifted

toward gold.


Perhaps memory is a stone

lying on the riverbed so long

all the rough edges

have worn away.


Perhaps memory is a story.

No longer attached to the event

it has taken on a life of its own

in the retelling.


Perhaps memory is the account

of one eye witness.

My sister and I diverge

on common events.

Only one can be right.


Perhaps memory is a locked box

each of us has

to keep our good times safe and unassailable.

A place where what has been

cannot unbe.


Perhaps memory chooses

what it holds on to.

I retain the sunny days,

fail to archive the ones that

keep me in bed,



Perhaps memory can get lost

like the purpose of the stray key

on a key ring.

What used to roar to life

when that key was turned?

What did it once open?


Perhaps memory—mine is of this kind

is a collection of snapshots.

My sister, brother and I sit

on the edge of my mother’s skirt

spread in a circle around her on the grass.

A fish flashes up out of the water,

and Ray’s rod bends double.

Josie splashes in the canal

her water wings bright orange.

Craig counts softly, one, two, three, four,

and we come in on the



Perhaps memory is our assurance that

whatever today brings,

 we exist, we are loved and

we have done things

that matter.

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§ 4 Responses to Perhaps memory…

  • Chris Fogelin says:

    I’m not sure that my memory is sequential, but it is detailed, I’ll give you that. I think my memory is a snapshot with a “key” attached to it, a word or phrase that pops the snapshot into my active thought process. You want an example? I give you “AVONALLIV”. The memories that pop to mind when I see/hear that are vivid.

    Great post Amy!


    • Don’t deny it Chris. You have a great memory. And for those of you not in our particular family, AVONALLIV was the mysterious name of a boat in a family slide that puzzled us for quite some time before anyone figured out that the slide was in backwards and that the vessel’s real name was the VILLANOVA.


      • Chris Fogelin says:

        To me “AVONALLIV” brings me back to our old house, downstairs in the family room with mom at the slide projector and us with the Kreuz kids on the floor watching her presentation of a trip we did to Virginia, probably in the early 70’s. I forget which ocean edge town had the Villanova in it, but I sure remember Mom being puzzled about the Avonalliv. Yeah, it’s become a family meme at this point. 🙂


  • See, Chris. I knew you would have more context for that memory. Your memory unfurls like a bolt of fabric. Mine exists in single images.


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