An ordinary day.

February 22, 2015 § 7 Comments

03 05 028

It was an ordinary day.

A thin blue sky floated distant,

unlike a summer sky that hangs so low

you can reach up and poke it

with a stick.


It was an ordinary day.

The utility bill came—a little high.

The heater by our computers has run a lot.

A utility bill, a flier, and no bad news.

But then, bad news no longer

rides the slow horse of

a postage stamp.


It was an ordinary day.

My morning walk was cold,

but okay for this time of year.

I walked the last block backwards

staring up at that

unreachable sky.


It was an ordinary day.

We drove a winding canopy road

to visit a friend

with new replacement parts

in a heart still getting used to

the tuneup.

Video call snapshot.

It was an ordinary day.

We visited our grandson via Skype.

He showed us the mutant aliens in his room,

promised they’d come

through the screen

and hide

under our  sofa.


It was an ordinary day

that went out quietly.

I put the glass of water on the

windowsill by the bed.

The fire in the wood stove

burned down to embers.

Then we,

and the mutant aliens under the sofa

settled in for the night.


Lying in the dark I was grateful

it was an ordinary day.

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