I wish you…

January 25, 2015 § 9 Comments

IMG_9700Young friends

to remind you,

adventure lies

just outside your

own back door.



who may not know your name,

but have your face by heart

and dogs who sniff your dog

while everyone wags.



to keep you warm and dry

clothed and fed,

not scared about tomorrow,

but not so much

that what you have

becomes who you are.


A body

not too ugly or too beautiful,

comfortable and reliable,

as low maintenance and

easy to operate

as an old VW.



who has known you

from first light,


and tells your stories,

even after you are gone.




the itch that spurs

most good ideas

and raises the question,

what next?



because no one can engineer

or take full credit

for all the favors

life bestows.



Don Juan Fortner on trumpet.A passion

that makes you sing,


and  puts air between

your feet

and the ground.



the trump card

in the hand of life.



that doesn’t whir

Or make lists

but simply observes

all that is

with wonder.



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§ 9 Responses to I wish you…

  • KM Huber says:

    Seems there may be a song here? After the no. 2 pencils, now I see/hear songs everywhere. I, too, wish you this.


  • craig reeder says:

    my first reaction was “WOW! who wrote that poem??” and then i remembered…. you really nailed all the important things in life with such economy of language. and pointed out the less obvious truths, like not “taking credit for all the favors life bestows” or not having so much that “what you have becomes who you are.”


  • Sue Cronkite says:

    Yesterday a real bluebird — bright blue coat with yellow-gold breast — did a slow-glide landing about 6 feet from where I talked on my cell phone. It preened for a moment, then flew to a low limb of a crepe myrtle. I watched in awe. Speechless with wonder at such a rare treasure. When I raised my phone to take a picture, it flew away. My memory caught it and holds it still.


  • Oh. Adrian. These are exquisite.
    And the photo of your grandson? with a visiting birdie ? Even if not a child you have known since first light, a charmed moment to remember.
    Calls to mind a b/w photo somewhere, somewhere, of child me with a little wild bird that came to sit on my hand…
    Selfishly I wish us more of your I Wish You… collection.
    And between book covers one fine day…


    • Thanks so much, Jan. I think I’d better explain the thing that is peeking over Matthew’s shoulder. It is a plastic dinosaur head, the grabby part of a grabber, the handle of which is stuck into the waistband of his pants. The nature we were observing was a fine mess of frogs in the pond to his left that didn’t quite make it into the photo.


  • Lily Lau says:

    I feel so fortunate for having found your blog by chance and read this wonderful post… thanks for sharing it with all of us 🙂


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