I wish you…

January 25, 2015 § 9 Comments

IMG_9700Young friends

to remind you,

adventure lies

just outside your

own back door.



who may not know your name,

but have your face by heart

and dogs who sniff your dog

while everyone wags.

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Songs from farther down the road.

January 17, 2015 § 6 Comments

Sunnyland CD front.

Slow Dance Journal is a Sunday publication.


I’m posting this week’s edition today, Saturday, before I hunt down the ironing board to press the silk dress bought at Goodwill.

Before I drop the guitar strap over my head and tune up one last time.

Before I look out across the What? Cafe’s motley assortment of chairs, probably all acquired at the same place as my dress, and see whether friendship and Craig’s shameless promotion have brought out an audience for the launch of our first-ever professionally recorded CD.

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Temporary housing.

January 11, 2015 § 8 Comments

I don’t know when I first began to see a chink of light between my body and what I considered to be me.

Old HouseGrowing up I was that knobby, scrawny body, the bushy black eyebrows, the thick plait of hair that hung heavy.

I was the motion of swinging arms and failed cartwheels, the flicker caught in the very corner of the floor-length mirror in ballet class, noticeable only because it was out of sync with those dancing at the front of the room.

I was what others saw. My inside self was too busy watching their reactions to live a separate life, and that self had little experience or memory with which to build.

With age, that inner self grew and for a while that outer physical self and the self within, having reached a state of equilibrium, were one. For many years I took that integrated self for granted.

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A grain of sand.

January 4, 2015 § 4 Comments

St. George Island beach.The self gets a lot of attention.

We encourage and dress it up.

We couple it with aggrandizing nouns: self-esteem, self-respect.

We cultivate a healthy and strong self-image.

When we are not cheering for the self or giving it a heap of atta-boys, we couple it with concepts that denigrate: self-loathing, selfish.

But whether lauding or demeaning, I wonder whether we are over-inflating the constant in the equation, the self.

How much does that imposing self distort our view of everything else?

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