I hold these truths to be…true.

June 15, 2014 § 6 Comments

It’s Saturday. The day when I look back and sift the week for some idea that caught me blind, made me reconsider.

Something worthy of sharing with you.

Now I sit here, my clothes soaked from watering the garden with a faulty hose. Not idea-less, but with a scattering of random thoughts, none of them as pat or succinct as the verities we glue to car bumpers but here they are.

Time is like a shadow. It mirrors your actions. Rush frantically and it will jitter along with you. Slow down and time will slow. I’m told that, done right, a moment can last forever. I have yet to get it that right.

Wealth is not your entry in the who-has-the-most-stuff contest. It is appreciating the vine ripe tomato in your hand.

Fairness does not occur in nature. You must create it yourself.

All around you, life and death are being demonstrated. The leaving is no big thing. What is hard is being left behind.

With family distant and far-flung, get to know your neighbors. They are just as random, frustrating, and baffling as family, and with familiarity you can come to love them.

Know the difference between want and need.

Picking up roadside trash will not elevate your opinion of humanity but it is good for the waistline and it creates–briefly–a view of what could be if everyone cared.

Look out for that body you are wearing. It makes all things possible but the warranty is sketchy, the product designed to fail. When it does, be grateful for all it has given you and move on.

Comfort and convenience are overrated. Summer is hot, winter cold—feel life’s hard edges, the wind in your face.

Respect the small. The ant walking the blade of grass, the spider in the corner of your living room, the turtle ambling across your road. You are not superior. Just a member of a different tribe.

Although you may have to replace the cord or tighten a few screws, almost everything you need can be bought second-hand or found sitting by the curb.

When judging someone, follow the example of your dog whose default opinion is, whoa, this guy rocks!

Sometimes grace requires us to face what is coming with our arms at our sides, prepared, not to fight, but to accept.

The label “weed” is a matter of opinion.

Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate at the tick of a metronome. We have been trained to respond to the beeps and buzzes of a world growing more and more intrusive. Spend time alone, disconnected, unreachable. Do not salivate every time the metronome ticks.

Now stand up. Turn away from the screen. Today is the most beautiful day in the history of the world and it is available for a limited time only. Walk out your door and take a look.

Note: If these observations seem to repeat earlier posts, I apologize. My clothes are soaked and life is running at full hum.

Plus I figured that a post with two references to dogs had to have some merit.


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§ 6 Responses to I hold these truths to be…true.

  • Susan says:



  • craig reeder says:

    as usual, a blog chock full of choice morsels, food for thought. “What’s hard is being left behind.” boy, is that true. “Feel life’s hard edges…” not something we Americans are known to savor…..non-intuitive, but profound. thanks as always for making your readers think more deeply than the surface.


  • KM Huber says:

    Nothing in this post could not be repeated endlessly, Adrian. Perhaps that is why we blog. Works in this moment, anyway. This week, I looked to the stars and in all that space all that we worry about here indeed seemed small. I was pretty sure it was but it’s good to check from time to time. Like you, I look to the insects for the big stuff; they handle it so much better. Lovely stroll through these truths, Adrian.


  • Roberta says:

    Once again, you leave traces of your words on the brain long after the can no longer see them.


  • Roberta says:

    . . . long after the eye can no longer see them.


  • April D Penton says:

    Lovely post!


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