What I’ve learned so far, part 2.

January 12, 2013 § 12 Comments

Life is strictly learn-as-you-go.

Sometimes what we learn takes our breath away—but most of what we discover falls into the “helpful hints” category.  Here are a few helpful hints and one or two breath-takers gleaned on my own random walk.

Matthew as GrouchoDays are long. Life is short.

To see the splendor in the rusty puddle on the water meter cover, or embrace the challenge of forcing a bottle cap through a gap in a picnic table, or be awed by the mystery of the disappearance of bath water, travel with someone new to the world, say a grandson who will be “three in March.”

A spider can take up half of your clothes line and make better use of it than you do.

Your grandmother’s best china may prove to be too dangerous a possession. I returned what was left of my grandmother’s hand painted Bavarian dinnerware to my mother just before it was too late.

The world holds no fixed shape. Streets and landmarks shift, so stay alert. Geography is a myth.

The truth, like US currency, used to be backed by something tangible. Now we print the truth as needed with nothing but “because all right-thinking people believe this” to back it up.

IQ drops in the course of the day. By nine at night don’t attempt anything that exceeds the intellectual level of a can opener.

You can’t figure out what kind of seed has sprouted by looking at the pilot leaves. You have to wait for the first set of true leaves.

It is impossible to get out of a store without a plastic bag—even if you didn’t buy anything.

Black Lab.Your dog’s approval does not ensure that you are a good person. Approval is a dog’s default setting.

No matter how much he loves you a man will, in time, feel comfortable farting in front of you. Perhaps this is a compliment.

Aging is not a gradual deceleration, it happens in precipitous drops, like the scary parts on a roller coaster ride.

The person butting-in via a hand-held device always trumps the flesh and blood person standing in front of the device holder.

To declaw life’s tragedies turn them into stories. To celebrate life’s triumphs do the same.

Music is the best medicine when your mojo’s not workin.’

There is only one come back to those “I can’t believe it’s not butter” products: “Oh yes I can.”

If only we could go back and do it over–we’d get it right the second time! Sadly, life is a story that remains, forever, first-draft.

In my “What I’ve learned so far, part one” post I wrote this: Whose face is that in the mirror? It must be my mother’s. But “figuring out” is an ongoing process. I think I now know why every woman ends up finding her mother’s face in the mirror.

We don’t all look like our mothers when we are young, but our mothers are the ones who teach us our facial expressions, and it is those facial expressions that become the face in the mirror.

Note: Feel free to add your own helpful hints and breath-stoppers in your comments. What’s the view been like for you as you’ve hiked the trail?

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