The pajama tour.

April 6, 2012 § 16 Comments

This is me, holding up my new book “Summer on the Moon” at the Georgia Book Awards Conference.

Like a mother walking a kindergartener  into a classroom on the first day of school I was hand-holding this latest book and talking to anyone I could get to listen.

“What grade do you teach? This one will really appeal to boys.” Boys are the holy grail of the book pitch.

If all had gone as planned I’d be holding that same book when I stood up in Missouri and Chicago facing rooms packed with teachers and media specialists (unless, of course, I spoke in the same time slot as Laura Numeroff who so famously gave a mouse a cookie ).

I had the plane tickets and everything.

And then I made an unwise left turn.

I’ll be in a wheelchair or scratching along on a walker for 11 weeks. I know I’ll write a future post about the sudden silence and the expansiveness of time when even wiggling my toes into a sock requires minutes and patience, and when done floods me with a sense of victory, but this post is about going on tour in my pajamas.

Here I am. Touring. Fortunately Peachtree, my publisher employs savvy young people who know how to make an author walk on air, book in one hand, the speed of light for a ticket.

Emily Rivet set up my “Virtual Book Tour.” Thanks to Emily I am doing guest posts on blogs that target readers of Middle Grade and YA fiction–and meeting some very nice bloggers in the process. One interview was done by Turkeybird, the five-year-old son of the blogger. My favorite question: Crayons or markers, and why?

Everything in publishing is changing at the speed of a comic book shazam. If you are a writer you too may take the pajama tour.

If you do, omit the part that sounds like shattering glass and the droning signal that you should pull the key out of the ignition if only you could remember how.

Enjoy the comments that come right to your computer screen.

And then get to work on your next book.

You’ve always done that in your PJs anyway.

Want to see what a virtual tour looks like? Go to Emily’s blog-tour-central and join the pajama party. Maybe even order a book. Just a suggestion…

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§ 16 Responses to The pajama tour.

  • You are writing circles around me. And you have excuses not to.

    “Everything in publishing is changing at the speed of comic book shazam, ” is a sentence to print out & put over my desk.

    Do I want that Summer On the Moon autograph – you bet cha!
    Will enjoy following this nifty blog tour.

    You are the Everready Bunnie of Busted Pelvis Book Promotion Mojo.

    Go, girl!


  • KM Huber says:

    So agree that you will continue to write circles around all of us. Have been sharing the blog posts to my “tweeps” on Twitter–if you mind, please let me know–and yes, it is difficult for me to type/utter such verbiage but I suspect it really is part of publishing, now.

    I, too, look forward to the tour, Adrian.



  • I’m taking notes!! And I’m buying the book. I’ll wait until St. G to get the authograph if I need to do so.

    You see? I’m a very optimistic person, and I know you are going to be walking the Gulf shore come November!

    Mary Lois


    • I will be. Definitely–even the doctors (not known for optimism) agree. Thanks for ordering the book ML. I can’t wait to order yours!


      • Ohhhh— St. George Island! I was just looking at some of Gina’s photos (updating the web page) and laughed out loud as I looked at the one she took of our three very long-legged shadows cast in the sand by the dawn’s early light. I’m ready to go back…. Blog post was wonderful, and I’ll be sharing it with many!

        Better days are coming!


  • Emily Rivet says:

    Only you could take a situation like this and turn into such a creative post! I’m happy to report the blog tour has been going strong all week — I’ll add this to our list of links and pass it around! Hope you’re getting enough rest!!


  • barbarawatson says:

    I am thrilled to be part of the tour. There’s nothing better than touting great books for kids (other than writing them)!

    Take the time you need to heal…the best to you.


  • I am thrilled to be part of the tour. There’s nothing better than touting great books for kids (other than writing them)!

    I’m so sorry your tour turned into only the pajama kind, sounds like you had some other great things planned. Heal quickly and the best to you in the process.


  • Oh No! Adrain, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident–and just when you were about to go on tour. Thank goodness technical advances allow you to go on virtual tours, and double-thank-goodness you weren’t more seriously hurt (not that mending a broken pelvis and being in a wheel chair for 11 weeks is going to be a piece of cake.) I’ll be thinking of you and I look forward to seeing you in September during the Florida Heritage Book Festival if not before.


  • It’s been slow for me Adrian. In June, my time will come, and hopefully I’ll be ready. Steady as she goes.


  • lubnafromindia says:

    Your virtual book tour is awesome and I read your interview on Barbara Watson’s blog and of course I entered the giveaway. I can so relate to this book. Good luck and speedy recovery.


  • Jane R. Wood says:

    Adrian, so sorry to hear about your mishap. I may be coming to Tallahassee in May. May I bring you some chicken soup or better yet, how about some homemade cookies? Take care and mend. It’s a good time to let others pamper you. We’re looking forward to seeing you in September at the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine.


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