MEN, Inc.

January 27, 2012 § 20 Comments

Individual men I get.

Just like women, they can be friends, associates, competitors, neighbors.

What I wonder about is the brand, MEN: the hype, the front, the public face of the gender.

I’m not sure your PR person is doing you any favors, guys.

If you are a member of the supercategory, MEN, you may wonder about some of this yourself—I appreciate that living up to the manly hype is hard work and that you (the individual) may have opted out.

Still I have questions (I inquire on behalf of that other well-established brand WOMEN, Inc.). Please answer as honestly as the secret oath of Club MEN allows.

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January 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Charred both retinas staring

at this lit screen.

Letters shimmering

like heat off asphalt.

Cursor ablink.


A building gutted by fire,

the site of the opening

of a letter bomb

is my head.


Acuity diminishing

foreground and background

become subtly woven,

hard to tease apart.


I must worry information

off the screen,

gather the tasteless, touchless,

silent syllables.


If a LEM module crawling

the dead-sea-floor of my skull

scooped a sample

would tests reveal that life

had once existed there?


Note: This poem was written when I was a gainfully employed cubicle dweller who shared the space with the great grey eye of a monitor with weak green neon letters and a cursor that pulsed as slowly as a medicated heart.

Some weeks–this week–life is so overwhelming that all I can do is run to the file of some past self and say, “Give me whatever ya got.” 

Mighty Mouse.

January 13, 2012 § 6 Comments


You have it.

I have it.

Maybe not the step-in-front-of-a-stranger-and-take-the-bullet kind; courage can be modest and expended for causes much less worthy.

The first person we prove our courage to is ourselves–followed closely by our friends.

That show-off courage makes us jump off the high dive, a bravery that only has to last a nanosecond. Gravity does the rest.

Physical courage is almost always an exercise of youth testing the limits of that way-cool body they’ve been given.  “Hey, let’s just see what this baby can do!” The reckless use of equipment that might be needed later (knee joints, spines) doesn’t much concern the young.

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Turn the page.

January 4, 2012 § 6 Comments

Wearing my new first-day-of-school dress and stiff shoes, armed with a handful of yellow number two pencils, the possibilities of the new school year left me breathless.

This was the year I would be proven smart, become confident, figure out what the popular kids knew without even trying.

Just because it never happened before didn’t mean it wouldn’t. This time would be different…for sure.

Although short on courage, I faced the scary-unknown with hope and optimism. I still do.

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