A day in the life… We buy the farm.

September 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Journal entry written: October 10, 1999

I’m bad at change.  If it weren’t for Ray, a sofa would never change location in our living room.  If not for Ray we wouldn’t be signing a mortgage on 9.72 acres in Wakulla County.

The beauty of the project comes to me in flashes; a pair of bench seats hangs by chains from the limbs of a Live Oak; a sand road winds through the many gates on this property that was once a farm.

Mostly I worry about the $315 of mortgage money we will have to come up with each month.  And I feel bad looking around my house here on Marcia Avenue, as if it is a place I’ve abandoned.  There is so much more we could do to to fix it up—why do we need another property?  I realize I am suited to small dreams.  For me this house with the scrap of woods we are planting in back and the artificial pond that is believed in by local amphibians is dream enough.

Of course if it hadn’t been for Ray jumping in with the winning bid on this bank-foreclosed house we wouldn’t be here either.  Sometimes my arms drop to my sides and doing is beyond me.  Then Ray steps in.

Note: We named our land Bluebird.  We share it with gopher tortoises, wild turkeys, an occasional bear, and of course bluebirds. Our potter friend, Nancy, lives in the cabin on the land making beautiful works of art in the studio Ray built for her. We grow summer and winter vegetables there as well as scuppernong grapes and blueberries.  We have paid the property off and now own it outright.  Our house on Marcia Avenue still needs work.

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